• Fresh Air?

    Here’s a brand new AC air filter. Here’s one after a month of use. Here’s one that has been in for 3 months. See a difference? It is important to change out your AC filters regularly. Its about a $10-$20/month investment that is definitely worth making. Better yet, get your AC system serviced and cleaned at least a once a year in addition to monthly filter changes and you’ll be…

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  • Look Up!

    This time I want you to check out your air vents. These vents allow the air from your AC/Heating system to filter into a room. They are typically attached to your ceiling where the ductwork opening is located. It’s important to periodically look up and…

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  • Clean Coils?

    Most of us don’t give a moment’s thought to inside of our air conditioning’s system. But at least once a year, you should. Air conditioning systems need to be cleaned to run efficiently. Even if you are good about changing your air filter every month,…

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