Look Up!

This time I want you to check out your air vents. These vents allow the air from your AC/Heating system to filter into a room.
They are typically attached to your ceiling where the ductwork opening is located.

It’s important to periodically look up and see if they and/or the ceiling around them is dirty. In this case, it’s both!

dirty air vent1

But after a simple wipe down of the ceiling and vent…..

clean air vent2

All clean!

This is an important item to address because when buyers see dirt on and around your vents they get concerned about your AC/Heating system as well as the condition of your ductwork. This is one of those deep clean items I mention in my book that you should take care of before your home hits the market.

If you want to go a step further, get your ductwork professionally cleaned. Just don’t forget to tell the buyers. It’s a great selling point!

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