Things to Consider When Selling

Before you put your home on the market
  1. Get it ready. Whether you need a handyman or contractor, make sure it is “show worthy” when it goes on the market. You want to look great coming out of the gate!
  2. Know where you are moving to. Whether it’s a rental or a home purchase, do your homework on costs, time frames and availability.
  3. Have an idea of what you are taking, selling or giving away.
  4. Start packing. Find a space whether it be the garage or a spare bedroom to start storing what is going to be moved.
  5. Do a deep clean of your home…Buyers notice!
Before you are under contract..….
  1. Tackle regular maintenance items – Here a few that come up in inspections all the time – Replacing refrigerator water filters and AC air filter(s), any burnt out bulbs, making sure remotes work, etc.
  2. Call moving and estate sales companies and schedule a time for them to give you a quote and find out what their availability is. And a number of charities pickup at your doorstep!
  3. Make sure you have the paperwork for any warranties or maintenance plans that may be in place. This gives buyers a chance to review it during their inspection period and find out what is covered and are there any associated fees.
  4. Start removing. This includes paint that hasn’t been used in the last year, any chemicals or cleaners that are opened, especially if you don’t know how old it is!
  5. Make it clear what personal property is excluded and what intended to stay…Otherwise, it can get messy!
Once you are under contract
  1. Know your contract deadlines and when inspections and appraisals are scheduled – It will help you plan your time. Typical closing timeframe is 4-6 weeks.
  2. Make a contact list of your utility and service vendors (I.e. electric, pool, lawn, etc.) to pass along to the buyers.
  3. Moving out of the area? Contact schools, doctors, vets, organizations you belong to, etc.
  4. Start scheduling. This is especially important for movers, charity donations, final service and billing for utilities and home vendors.
  5. Contact the Post Office and online vendors for your change of address when you are a couple weeks out from closing.