Doors & More

  • Check the Seals

    If you look at the bottom of your outside doors you may notice a rubber seal at the bottom of them. Check out its condition. Is it torn, coming off or has a piece missing? If so, resealing or replacing is needed!

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  • Here’s a Trick That’s a Treat

    Want an easy way to add some light to a room? Remove your window screens. This is a common thing builders do in new model homes. It makes a noticeable difference. Just make sure you tell the buyer where your screens are stored before closing.

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  • Cobwebs and Brooms

    When most people hear those two words together they think of fun Halloween decorations. But when it comes to home housekeeping, brooms and cobwebs are very real factors. The good thing is that one takes care of the other. Over time it’s commonplace for cobwebs…

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