Check Your Temperature!

heatWhat’s happening outside shouldn’t affect what’s happening inside when you have a house showing. Whether you are battling the heat of summer or the frigid temperatures of winter it’s important that you adjust your thermostat accordingly. Being in your home should be a pleasant experience for perspective buyers. This doesn’t mean that you have the keep the house warmer or cooler all day, just for couple of hours, if that.

Case in point …
I was showing a house to a family. The house showed  beautifully with one exception; it was too warm in the house. One of the buyers even commented to me at the beginning of the showing that it was a bit warm. I checked the thermostat and it was set at 79 degrees. It was bearable until everyone came in from outside. When the buyers came back in from looking at the pool and other outside amenities, they were dripping in sweat and desperately searching for an air vent to get some cool air. Not getting much relief, it was only few minutes after that the buyers were ready to leave for the next house. They were so happy when we got in the car and could have lots of cold air blowing on them.

The following week my buyers wanted to come back to the same home and revisit it. I called the agent to let her know that my buyers had interest in the property and we would be going back see it again. The agent asked if there was anything she or the sellers could do to make it a good experience. Kudos to that agent for asking! I told her to cool the house down. It was much too warm last time we were there. As I open the front door I was so hoping that the sellers listened to the feedback. And they did! The house was perfectly cooled down. Moreover, the buyers didn’t head for the front door when they came in from the outside as they had done last time. Instead they took their time and went through the house again.

So when you have a showing, adjust your thermostat so the buyers want to stay. Any other time, have it the way you like it! And for those of you who are curious, the buyers bought the house!

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