Good Scents!

This is one that most of us miss.  It’s how our homes smell. That is because it’s very easy to get accustomed to the smell of a place when you are living there.  However, when someone comes in for the first time they are much keener on the home’s scent. And if there is a funky odor or a strong smell in the house, there’s a fair probability the prospective buyer is thinking…does this smell stay with the house?

For this one, ask family, friends or your real estate agent for an honest assessment. Their candid comments could fix an issue unbeknownst to you!

Heres a good list of things to keep prospective buyers off the scent:

1. Replace it. Has the family room rug had its share of accidental spills, muddy shoes, and Fido? A new one will look and smell so much better!

2. Professional Cleaning. If the odor is coming from your carpet or couch, either rent a cleaner at a local hardware store or call in a professional cleaning service.

3. Wash it. This is a good one for bed linens, drapes and throw rugs. I promise you there is such a thing as “bad sheet smell”!

4. Spray Away. For a quick freshener, this can do the trick.

5. Fresh air. Got a nice day with a cool breeze? This is a perfect opportunity to air out your house.

6. Light it up. Candles are my all time favorite room enhancers. They give off a nice fragrant and go with any decor.

7. Make it last. Plug-ins and table top room fresheners are typically nice enhancers to any room, just don’t too strong.

8. Soak it up. Odor absorbers are another great option. This is the better option if you have a strong smell in the house, like smoke or something similar. Otherwise, you are just adding another smell to a bad one… never a good combination!

9. Natures fragrance. I had a client that had a Camellia bush in her yard. Whenever it bloomed she would put some of the flowers in a bowl of water…pretty and pleasant!

10. Remove it. Whether it is old food or old socks, get rid of what reeks!

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