Order in the House

  • Be Tough on Your Stuff!

    What starts out as saving the green planter that we got on sale for some new plants typically ends up with it somewhere half-buried on the side of the house or on the shelf in the garage, along with the other “worth keeping” items. It happens to many of us…Our stuff grows and grows! And before we realize it, it becomes the beast that we don’t want to tackle mostly…

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  • Go All the Way!

    “Did you remember to take out the trash?“ No one likes doing it, but it is a job that must be done, especially if you have a showing scheduled. PS This means taking it to the outside trash cans.    

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  • Too Many is Too Much!

    Buyers get sidetracked when you have a number of pictures around the house, regardless of of their location – on a shelf, a wall or a dresser. Instead of looking at the room they are in, buyers gravitate toward the photos. Sometimes it is to…

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