Get a Signed Permit before the Contractor Quits

I can’t underscore the importance of this enough…When you have a contractor doing work on your home which requires a permit, the first step is to make sure they get a permit from your local municipality. The last step is to make sure the permit has a final sign off by your municipality before your final payment to the contractor. Otherwise, you have an open permit. An open permit means that no one from the local municipality gave their final approval on the contractor’s work. It can also cause issues for closings as a buyer may not want to purchase a property that they are not sure the work was done completely or properly.

When purchasing a home, check the local municipality’s website for the permit history on a property. Most municipalities in the Central Florida area have these posted on their websites. Or better yet, call the building department of your local municipality. Ideally, you want to see that all the permits have been closed out, meaning they have had a final sign off from the governing entity.

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