The Refrigerator Bulletin Board

I love good words.  I have many wonderful quotes around my house.  And a number of them are on my refrigerator. Any time I see a great quote in a magazine, I cut it out and post it to my refrigerator. My favorite is from Gandhi –


It’s not uncommon for refrigerators to become a bulletin boards not only for good quotes, but also for your children’s homework, the reminder to pick up the dry cleaning and whatever else may be post worthy in your home. In day to day living, that is fine. But when your home is on the market, it is worth taking down as much as possible. This is because the postings of funny cartoons and cute pictures become more of a distraction. Instead of looking at what your kitchen offers, prospective buyers focus their attention on the “what’s going on” refrigerator bulletin board you’ve created.

Don’t have buyers stop at the refrigerator; clean and clear is the ticket on this one.

P.S. A wipe down of fingerprints on the door handle and dust on the top would be nice too!

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