Picture Imperfect!

When getting pictures taken of your home, make sure you are aware of the things that can distract a buyer. Photos are so important! Many potential buyers make a decision whether to see a property based on how inviting the pictures look. So here’s my top 10 of things to be aware of!

  1. Open Doors and Drawers  – Close them all
  2. Closed Blinds or Curtains – Open Please
  3. Knick Knacks  – Less is so much more
  4. Clothes and Shoes – Put them all away
  5. Time of Day – Ask the photographer when is best
  6. People and Animals – No one will look any anything else but them
  7. Dead Plants – Remove them
  8. Brightly Colored Walls or Busy Wallpaper- Both appear even more so online
  9. Stained Carpet – Cleaner or removal are the best choices
  10. Non-professional Photos – Professionally done are noticeably better

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