20 Things That Should NOT be on Your Floors at Your Next Showing

  1. Toys. It doesn’t matter if it belongs to you or your kids.
  2. Carpet Stains. It’s worth it to see if the stains will come out.
  3. Food. Half eaten is that much worse.
  4. Dust Balls. Given enough time dust starts accumulating along your walls.
  5. Animal Poop. For most buyers, there is little recovery from this gross factor here.
  6. Clothing. No one knows if it is clean or dirty. However, everyone assumes it’s dirty.
  7. Drinks. Whether it is a can of soda or coffee from this morning, it never looks good.
  8. Tech Gadgets. Computer, ipods, phones. Accidentally step on one of these and it’s a big loss.
  9. Diapers. Dirty or clean, the floor is no place for them!
  10. Shoes. There is a reason for closets.
  11. Jewelry. This is a sure way never to find that other earring.
  12. Bugs. If dead, remove. If alive, you may need to take greater action!
  13. Bed Sheets. It’s easy to toss them over getting up. Toss them back before leaving.
  14. Makeup. You can’t curl your lashes if you lash curler is curled up by you bedroom chair.
  15. Garbage. Whether it is food, toy or box of anything wrapper, there is only one place it belongs.
  16. Bags. It can be your handbag, bookbag or grocery bag; hang it up should be.
  17. Drawings. Crayon, marker and pen drawings are not winners unless they are on paper.
  18. Debris. Leaves, dirt and water can all be gone with quick wipe of a paper towel.
  19. Blankets/Pillows. It’s just as easy to toss them back up as it was to toss them down.
  20. Dirty Rugs. Call it a wash and everyone will be happier.

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