20 Things that Should NOT be at your Front Entrance for Showings

Here’s a list of everyday things that distract or concern prospective buyers as they are coming to your front door.

  1. Any newspaper/phone book. If they are wet, it’s even more important that they are gone.
  2. Anything with wheels. This includes skateboards, roller skates/blades, scooters and bikes, etc.
  3. Tree Debris. Leaves, branches, etc.
  4. Old or overwhelming decorations. 2 weeks past the holiday is a good rule thumb to know it must come down.
  5. Dead plants. If it is brown, move it to another location where it can come back or let it go.
  6. Shoes/Clothing. If you keep your shoes near any door, have a bin for them.
  7. Your pet. If your dog is barking and scratching at the front door, this puts everyone on edge coming into your house.
  8. Broken light fixtures. Look at your fixtures. Make sure the bulbs are working, that there is no broken glass and they are not rusting or barely hanging on.
  9. Toys. None of them should be remotely close to this area.
  10. Dirty Glass. When is the last time you cleaned your front door glass?
  11. Pots with no plants. Either remove them or plant the plants!
  12. Bad locks. It drives agents crazy when someone has a lock that you need to jiggle or hold in a certain way to get it to work.
  13. Scuffed or scratched front doors. Look at your front door. Does it need to be touched up? Maybe repainted altogether?
  14. Mold or Mildew. This one concerns everyone!
  15. Torn or worn door mat. Remove or replace. Go as nice as you can.
  16. Wood-rot. Another scary item for buyers!
  17. Food/Drinks. No one want to see what you’ve been eating or drinking (or smoking)
  18. Torn or broken blinds. Look at your blinds from the outside of your house.
  19. Flyers. Whether it be for food delivery or a non-profit collection request, don’t have flyers left at the front door.
  20. Dirty furniture. If its plastic, rinse it off. If its wood or metal, wipe it down. If it’s rusted or broken, remove it.

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