10 Items for Your Walkthrough Checklist

Before you sign for that beautiful home you are about to purchase, make sure you do a walkthrough of the property. This is typically done either the day before or the day of closing. Here are 10 good things to cover…

  1. Make sure all repair items have been addressed. Request receipts!
  2. If the seller is there, it is good to ask as many questions about the mechanics of the house – how does the sprinkler work, where are the landscape light timers, etc.
  3. Water Check – Turn on faucets/tubs/showers; Check drains underneath the cabinets; Flush toilets
  4. Make sure the AC/Heat works – Find out how to replace the air filter too!
  5. Check the appliances – Turn on the oven/range; Open the refrigerator (it should be empty and clean); Run the disposal
  6. Open cabinets/drawers/doors
  7. Test lights
  8. Completely walk inside and outside the property to make sure all is good…For example – Items to convey have not been removed; Miscellaneous debris has been cleaned up/cleared out (the garage and the attic are notorious for remaining items); No new interior or exterior issues
  9. Check the shed or any other detached buildings to make sure all is good there too.
  10. Confirm the current services for the property. For some, it’s just a phone call to transfer to your name. But others, like a termite bond, may include a fee to transfer.

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