20 Home Enhancers Under $20

Here are 20 things that will brighten, refresh and generally improve the look and feel of your home and all for a price that is reasonable for anyone!

  1. Towels. Its a great way to add color to your bathroom or kitchen.
  2. Mats. Whether it is your doormat, bathmat or kitchen mat, make sure they look clean.
  3. Shower Curtains. If you have a small bathroom, go with a light solid color.
  4. Pillows. Need a refresher to your couch? A colorful pillow can do the trick.
  5. Candles.  If I had to pick one thing that is always a winner, it would be this. It works in any decor, takes out odor and can cost so little!
  6. Tablecloths. It can cover up a table in need or replacement, restaining or repainting.
  7. Plants. Any variety can give life to any empty spot in your house.
  8. Rugs/Runners. A couple of nice throw rugs can add color in needed areas.
  9. Bins. They can get everything from toys to clothes under control.
  10. Blankets. It’s the best option when you need to to cover up the stain, the tear or the worn spot on chairs, beds and couches.
  11. Lamps. They’re great for those areas that need some light shed on them.
  12. Vases. My friend creates a great look by adding some water and bamboo from her backyard. It gives height and color to any table, inside or out.
  13. Patio Cushions. Given these are typically outside, you want to make sure they look refreshed or are new.
  14. Paint. Touching up makes your baseboards, walls and crown molding go from worn to WOW!
  15. Shelving. Can’t let it go, then organize it on a freestanding shelving unit. Bonus, you get to take it all with you!
  16. Holders. This is another one that applies to many things towel racks, toilet paper and paper towels to name a few. Match it to your other hardware in the room and it will get noticed.
  17. Baskets. Here are 3 things they can make look good: old magazines, fireplace wood and your pets chew toys.
  18. Office Organizers. Whether for your bills, your children’s permission slips or your honey-do list, they minimize the mess.
  19. Cleaning Supplies. Best places to start? Kitchens and baths!
  20. Light Bulbs. This one is so simple and so important! Make sure that they are all working. Look inside and out on this one.

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