The Vacant House Necessities

If you are putting a vacant house on the market and you won’t be living close enough to take care of it, you need to leave some house necessities for your agent. Here are the best things I recommend to have on hand:

  1. Toilet Paper – This is the No.1 necessity. People will use the bathroom.
  2. Paper Towels – And these are a close 2nd. You never know when you will have a spill.
  3. Hand Soap – This is needed in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  4. Trash Cans. Have at least 1 or 2 small ones in the house and one outside.
  5. Floor Coverings. Door mats at your entrances or runners down hallways will protect your floors from track marks.
  6. Air Filters – Buy the one that last for 3 months and make it easier for you and your agent.
  7. Couple of Boxes of Light Bulbs – This is so important. No one likes walking into a dark house.
  8. Broom – This great utensil can take care of so much!
  9. Cleaning Wipes – They make it easy to clean on the spot.
  10. Air Fresheners – Stand alone or plug-in – both work great!

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