Do They Add to or Subtract from the Room?

We are talking about window treatments – curtains, valances, blinds and anything else that is used to decorate a window. This item can either truly uplift a room when done right or be such a negative distraction that the buyer greatly discounts what the room has to offer.

Here’s my top 5 examples of window treatments that subtract and the fixes to make them become an addition.

  1. Blinds that are broken or have a number of bent, damaged  or missing parts- Repair, replace or remove the blinds altogether is the answer here.
  2. Valances that have matching wallpaper borders – Pick one to stay up.
  3. Dirty curtains or dust laden blinds – Clean please.
  4. Old or outdated curtains – Remove. Replace, if needed.
  5. Closed curtains or blinds – No one can see in the dark…Open!

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