5 Ways to Get Your House Clean!

1. Hire someone or a service to come in for regular visits. Can’t afford that? Hire them to come in for a one time deep clean and then maintain that.

2. Ask for help from a family member/friend. For those of you that have family or friends close by and know they have a knack for cleaning, this could be a great gift to ask for.

3. Barter with a friend/family member. When I was writing my book, I needed someone to proofread it. So I asked a friend if she could do it in exchange for me helping her with something. She said sure. So one afternoon as she sat reading my book as I helped her organize her children’s bedrooms.

4. Offer an additional allowance incentive to your children. Ask your children if they want to make some additional allowance. Most kids love the opportunity to make some money. Just make sure the jobs are age appropriate.

5. Do it yourself! This is the cheapest and best approach for having it done your way. But hate to clean? Overwhelmed? Then do at least 1 thing on your cleaning list a day. You will notice a difference in no time at all!

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