One Day Wonders

If you had a day to do one thing to significantly improve the look of your property what would it be? Not sure. No worries, I actually have 5 things for you. Each of these take about a day to get done and will give your property a noticeable “WOW!” factor.

1. Paint. Got a room that the color is too overwhelming, too dark or has too many wall marks to be removed? Don’t delay, paint away!

2. Yard. Walk around your property and address your yard. Mow the grass, edge the lawn, blow off the debris, lay down some mulch, plant flowers, rake the leaves, trim the hedges and the trees. Don’t ignore this chore!

3. Closets. It’s best if you can take it all out and only put back only what’s needed. You’ll be amazed by how much should go. This is definitely clean to be seen!

4. Windows. Most sellers don’t notice this one mostly because they don’t make a point to look at them. But someone buying your house is doing just that. So make the rounds and clean them inside and out, upstairs and down!

5. Pressure Washing. This is my favorite item because it creates such a great looking clean. Address it all – your patios areas, decking, steps, walkways and driveway. So whether you rent or purchase one, get it done!

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